Kerala's centuries-old, palm fringed Kerala backwaters which stretch over 1900 kms offers an incredible experience to sail down these soothing waters in a house boat and comprehend the unusual aspects of Kerala life.

The materials that go into the making are local and eco friendly; bamboo poles, coconut fiber, coconut fibre, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc. There are houseboats with fully furnished single room, double room and triple rooms. All of them have sundeck, private balcony with comfortable chairs, kitchen and toilet with western closets. A separate rest room for the crew is added on all boats. Traditional lanterns are provided as lights.

The crew includes a chef, and two oarsmen. The food offered is of traditionally Kerala cuisine. There are single bedroom houseboats or two people and two bedroom houseboats for four people.

As the houseboats glide over the Kerala backwaters at a leisurely pace, the sights are new, the sounds are new, and every sensation is new every passing moment. A cruise along the mirror-still lagoons, picture-book lakeside, palm-fringed canals and shimmering rivulets of `God's Own Country' is the most enchanting holidaying experience in the country. With a cruise along the palm-fringed waterways turning to be part and parcel of holidayers' itinerary, the traditional kettuvallam has emerged as the mascot of Kerala Tourism

A houseboat is about 60 to 70 feet (about 18 to 21 meters) long and about 15 feet (about 5 m) wide at the middle. The hull which is made of hundreds of fine but heavy-duty planks of jack-wood is held together absolutely by coir knots (not a single nail is used). This framework is then coated with a caustic black resin extracted from boiled cashew kernels. And it lasts for generations. The roof is made of bamboo poles and palm leaves. The exterior of the boat is painted with protective coats of cashew nut oil.

Holiday Kerala Tariff for House boats 2011 – 2012

Houseboats of Gold Star Category A/C & Standard Non- A/C Boats, built to the specifications of Department of tourism, Government of Kerala. Following rates are applicable to boats with 1,2,3 & 4 bedrooms.