Water droplets pouring from the sky...The smell of the earth after the first shower...The fragrance of the earth calling out for the monsoons...The rain water gushing through the streams and making it overflow with joy...The flowers smiling when the first drop of water touches them....The clouds dancing with joy showering the purity of monsoons on earth....

The beautiful, lively and enchanting monsoons of Kerala....Every drop of rain making the season more and more lovely....The Monsoons of Kerala spreads its beauty during the months of June, July and August. Unlike other destinations, tourism booms in Kerala during monsoons because of the beauty and romance it adds to the destinations.

Some of the Monsoon ‘hotspots’ of Kerala are:

Munnar: The hill station dresses up as a new bride during monsoons. The romantic destination blossoms when the monsoons fill the misty valleys. There is a silence set in Munnar with the roaring thunder of the rains, the silence of love.

Kumarakom: The backwaters and the houseboats become livelier during the rains. Feel the rains splash across your face making it a wonderful experience. Relish the tranquillity of the backwaters.

Vagamon: A haven of tranquillity, Vagamon monsoons offer you spirituality that you have experience never before. New tea leaves sprouting with the onset of monsoons give you new hope in life. The enchanting tea gardens and the serenity of the place call your inner self.

Varkala: The place boasts of unique sedimentary formation cliffs that is a unique geological feature. The monsoons in Varkala bring you closer to God. The temples and other religious formations in Varkala drenched in the divinity of the monsoons give another dimension to your thinking.­­­­­ The beaches of Varkala also adds to its beauty giving it a different dimension of serenity.

Mararikulam: The beaches hit by the monsoons in Mararikulam have a lot to tell you. The silence of the place only disturbed by the strong waves talking to you. The monsoon drenched Mararikulam is a sure sight of mysticism and happiness.

Kovalam: The cluster of islands gets its new look during monsoons. The rains bring in a new freshness and beauty to Kovalam attracting a lot of monsoon tourists.

The monsoons are a thing of beauty and emotions if you know how to enjoy it. This monsoon enjoy your